The Glenrothes and District Amateur Radio Club meet at 1915 on Wednesday evenings at the New Football Pavillion, Station Road, Thornton, Fife, within the Memorial Park.  (see the Contact page for maps & directions).

The Club runs instructions courses for all the levels of Amateur Licences (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced (or Full)) under the auspices of our governing body, the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).  We also have a qualified instructor for morse up to 25 words/minute.  Morse is not now compulsory to obtain a licence, but Foundation applicants have to do a very basic test, which consists of sending and receiving 30 characters (at a very slow speed) from a card and is meant to give the applicant a taster of what morse sounds like.  This is not part of the exam.

The Club is the holder of three licences:

GM4GRC, which is our main licence, also used as GM4GRC/P when away from base on Field Days.

GM0RSE, this is the licence which we hold for the Morse Enthiusiasts Group (Scotland), MEGS for short.

GB0SSB,  this is our permanent Special Event Licence, that we use when operating from Scotland’s Secret Bunker at Troywood (on the B940), north of Anstruther. (Yes we know it’s not a secret now)

The Club’s interests cover almost all aspects of  our hobby, some of which are QRP (low power operating), HF, VHF, UHF, Data Modes and Field Days (operating away from permanent buildings and  mains supplies, using portable antennas and battery or generator supplies).  We also dabble in Contesting (trying to contact as many other amateur stations within a certain time or using only certain methods).

We always support the ones with higher scores!!

In the past the club has operated during various events and rallies, some of which are:- Museums On The Air, Lighthouses and Lightships On the Air, National Field Days (both Voice and Morse).  Some of the club members are also members of the Museum Of Communication in Burntisland High Street, look for the double Blue Doors, just off the small roundabout.

The Club also has links with RAYNET and with two local ATC Units (1192 Kirkcaldy and 1370 Leven).