List Of Meetings 2017

For directions meeting locations check the ContactGDARC page.

Venues:  T = Thornton  &   L = Leven

May 3rd   My Shack  Venue Thornton

10th         Chat about competitions , forward planning MOTA  Venue  Thornton

17th          PSK    venue Thornton

24th          Check out aerials, 2m, 70cm, etc   venue   Leven

31th          PW Prep, RSGB field day chat.  venue   Thornton

June 7th    Discuss programme and set up for PW HF.

14th          Forward planning for field day + MOTA.  1st weekend.

21st          Finalise cover for MOTA , 2nd weekend.

28th          Members Radio CV

July 5th     Caravan and generator checks

12th          Club closed for summer break

19th          Club closed for summer break

26th          Club closed for summer break

Aug 2nd    Lighthouses on the air prep

9th            Check HF kit etc

16th          Talk on 2m home brew Yagi

23rd          Debrief on lighthouses on the air

30th          Club meeting

All meetings begin @ 19:30 – There are also Morse training sessions on Tuesday & Thursdays evenings @ 1930 on 145.425Mhz.   By Tam MM0TGB (Tue) Doug GM0AIR (Thu) See the Morse training page for details