Events update

The club has taken part in a few events over the past couple of months, We’ve been active in the practical Wireless QRP competition, International Museums weekends & The RSGB VHF Field days. Images from all the events have been uploaded to their respective image galleries, use the menu bar links to see them. The PW QRP & RSGB events were located on the East Lomond and the MOTA event was based at Scotland’s Secret Bunker.

Our next event is the International Lighthouse & Lightship weekend. We’ll be operating from Elie Ness on the 19th/20th August Maybe we’ll see you there

Dougie MM6KNR

Changes & Additions

There are some changes to the site, mainly the menu bar, and some additions to the image galleries. The menu bar was getting out of control so some pages have been moved to a ‘More’ sub menu. We’ve also begun to add images from field days. These are both club events & images from members own /P field days. Have a look in the image galleries drop down menu. Clearly this is just the beginning, they’ll increase in number as we add images.

The club intends to take part in a number of competitions this year so there will be images from all of those events as the year progresses.

A wee note to members, if you have images from past events then get them to Dougie MM6KNR and he’ll get them on the site.


New Forum & Conditions info

For a few reasons, including software usability issues & a lack of anti-spam measures, I’ve decided to change the forum software from Vanilla Forums to myBB forums.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the old forum information to migrate to the new set up, however, because the forum was very much in its infancy this isn’t really too much of an issue, although I must apologise to Alan 2M0EWY, who had posted more than anyone.

I’m going to shut the old forum down later today and would ask all club members to sign up to the new one.

Go to the new page to sign up, as with the old one I’ll have to approve you before you can post but that shouldn’t take too long.

I’ve also added some forum sections to the list, if you want anything specific added then let me know and I’ll do it.

You may also notice that I’ve put a Solar, HF & VHF conditions widget in the blog sidebar, is this useful or not? Let me know. I’m looking at ways to get the RSGB conditions predictions onto the site but no luck yet.


Dougie MM6KNR

Meeting 07.12.16

This meeting was mainly taken up by discussion on the new web site & forum, members were given another tour of the site and some further alterations were suggested which have yet to be implemented. Members were encouraged to look out images etc for inclusion on the site and also to join the forum and get chatting on line as well as on the air.

We welcomed Rab GM0LQY to his first meeting along with his granddaughter Amy who is showing an interest in becoming a licensed amateur, Rab is returning to the hobby after a break.

Lastly we also set a provisional meeting plan for the first quarter of next year, more on this as it’s finalised.

We welcome any licensed amateurs & SWL’s to join the forums and get involved.


Meeting 16.11.16

At tonight’s meeting Tam & Ken gave members an insight into the workings of the ATC communications training. By all accounts the training & knowledge required to pass each section (Blue, Bronze, Silver & Gold) is quite substantial and can take around 18 months to complete. It is through this route that some Cadets elect to take the RA Foundation licence exam.

Next meeting is at Thornton on 23rd Nov @ 19.30